Real Internet Art
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Price will might increase depending on demand. Price in Bitcoin is cheaper (-15%). The object is made of foam, numbered, signed by the artist Fabien Mousse. Sent with a certificate of authenticity. Dimensions: 70*75*68mm. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Silkscreen prited foam computer

Real Internet Art, is a physical manifesto that takes place in a subversive micro art market at the scale of the artist.
Real Internet Art is not a parody but a criticism of “flat” Internet art creations, eye-candy interactive web pages. It creates an alternative, local, and artist-to-audience economy, ideal conditions for a deeper interrogation of what online art is.
Escaping curators and gallerists, using Bitcoin as a payment system, and the buyer’s unboxing videos to promote itself, Real Internet Art is a way of earning from my art in autarcy. This is a small-scale utopia, that is real, avoiding centralization for a real and honest creation.

Fabien Mousse

Real Internet Art

Unboxing by Julien

Unboxing by Louise Drulhe

Unboxing by Sarah

Unboxing by Maleta' family

Unboxing by Valentina Tanni

Unboxing by Vincent

Unboxing by Constant Dullaart

Unboxing by Collectif Sin ~

Unboxing by Nicolas Bieva

Unboxing by Rollin Leonard

Unboxing by iMAL

Unboxing by Julien A. Lacroix

Unboxing by Anthony Antonellis

Unboxing by Dragan Espenschied

Unboxing by Emma